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Compound tubes are tools used in drywall installation for the precise application of joint compound to drywall seams. These tubes are typically made of plastic or metal and can be filled with joint compound or other types of sealants.

The tube is designed with a nozzle at one end that can be adjusted for the desired application width. The other end of the tube has a plunger or piston that is used to push the joint compound out of the nozzle.

To use a drywall compound tube, the user simply fills the tube with joint compound and adjusts the nozzle to the desired width. The user can then apply the joint compound directly to the drywall seam, controlling the flow of compound with the plunger or piston.

Drywall compound tubes are useful for a variety of drywall installation applications, including filling gaps and cracks in drywall, applying joint compound to corners, and repairing small areas of damage. They offer a precise and controlled application of joint compound, which can help achieve a professional finish.

Overall, drywall compound tubes are a cost-effective and efficient tool for drywall installation and repair. They can be used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, making them a valuable addition to any drywall toolkit.

TapeTech produce high-quality compound tubes for professional drywall installers. Their compound tubes are designed to work in conjunction with their automatic taping tools, providing a fast and efficient solution for applying joint compound to drywall seams.

TapeTech also offers a range of accessories and spare parts for their compound tubes, including nozzles, plungers, and replacement parts. These accessories allow for greater customization and versatility when using the tools.

Corner flushers are tools used in drywall installation for finishing inside and outside corners. They are designed to apply joint compound evenly to both sides of a corner, creating a smooth and seamless finish.

Corner flushers consist of a flat metal or plastic plate with a handle attached to one side. The plate is designed to fit snugly against the drywall surface on both sides of the corner. The handle is used to apply pressure to the plate, forcing the joint compound into the corner and creating a flush finish.

Corner flushers are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different corner angles and widths. They can also be used with various types of joint compound, including lightweight and heavyweight compounds.

Using a corner flusher requires some skill and experience, as it is important to apply even pressure and maintain a consistent angle while using the tool. However, with practice, corner flushers can produce a high-quality finish that is difficult to achieve with manual techniques alone.

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  1. TapeTech Compound Tube 24'' - CT24TT
    £131.95 (Inc Vat: £158.34)
  2. TapeTech Compound Tube 36'' - CT36TT
    £138.95 (Inc Vat: £166.74)
  3. TapeTech Compound Tube 42'' - CT42TT
    £145.95 (Inc Vat: £175.14)
  4. TapeTech Corner Flusher 2.5" - CF25TT
    £60.95 (Inc Vat: £73.14)
  5. TapeTech Corner Flusher 3" - CF30TT
    £68.37 (Inc Vat: £82.04)
  6. TapeTech Corner Flusher 3.5" - CF35TT
    £61.95 (Inc Vat: £74.34)
  7. TapeTech Corner Flusher 4" - CF40TT
    £68.95 (Inc Vat: £82.74)
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